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Wheelie Bins

A garbage container or wheelie bin is a special tank designed to collect and store municipal solid waste for some time.

In recent years, the approach to garbage collection has changed. Now, the main task of the respective waste management companies is not just to disguise waste storage sites so as not to turn them into the landfill, but also to remove them promptly with the possibility of further recycling.

Emphasis is placed on the quality storage of MSW and the possibility of its storage with the saving of time and resources of workers. For this purpose modern containers, tanks and other products made with the use of quality materials and advanced European technologies.

Wheelie Bin

They should be, first of all, user-friendly, reliable and safe not only for large cities, but also for other settlements, construction or industrial sites, suburban complexes or shopping centers.

The main characteristics of a quality wheelie bin must be its capacity and weight. The size of such a container is chosen based on where it is installed and how many people use it. It should be as light and compact as possible for unloading in a garbage truck and easy to use. Exactly such characteristics can be proud of the products manufactured by RELINE.

Types of containers and their specifications

Outdoor bin for rubbish, food and solid household waste are made of cold rolled steel 1.2 mm thick or hot rolled 2-3 mm thick. The volume of our tanks varies depending on the needs of the client – from 240 to 1100 liters. Such products can be equipped with four wheels, two of which are with parking brakes. The lid opening mechanism is a torsion spring. The color of the container – any, at the request of the customer. The elements are connected to each other by electric welding or by means of bolted connections. After collecting, the tank is covered with an anti-corrosion material or hot-dip galvanized.

Advantages of a metal wheelie bins:

  • Anti-corrosion coating ensures long service life.
  • Rubber thickener – a guarantee of a tight cover.
  • The lid of the container is equipped with a spring mechanism and locking in two open positions. It is made of metal or plastic.
  • There is a hole with a lid for sanitary cleaning of the tank.
  • The containers are made according to European design, which provides for their attractive appearance against the environment.

Galvanized wheelie bins have their advantages. In addition to having a spring mechanism to close the spherical lid, the mechanism itself is equipped with a special casing that provides a higher level of safety. A fully hot-dip galvanized housing extends the life of the container and its reliability as it is resistant to corrosion. After purchase, such garbage cans do not require periodic additional staining.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Dome Waste Bin

Design features of products:

  • The containers are small in weight and comfortable. This plays an important role in unloading them into a garbage truck.
  • The internal surfaces of the tanks are easily cleaned during the disinfection process.
  • They are made of durable materials, making them vulnerable to corrosive substances that can be contained in waste. This, in turn, ensures their reliable and efficient use for many years.
  • The container lids are tightly closed, which prevents the odor from spreading and animals from getting inside the tank.
  • The special shape of the product prevents rain or melt water from trapping from above or entering the container.
  • All tanks are heat resistant: this is important when storing debris in hot or cold seasons.
Waste Container 1100l with Plastic Lid

The main advantages of our products

Waste collection tanks and wheelie bins manufactured by RELINE are distinguished by their versatility, durability and longer life, high quality and reliability.

Among all the advantages it is worth highlighting following:

  • High-quality welding of metal inside and out, durable seams for tightness.
  • At the junction points, special corners are installed at the top of the tanks to prevent the container from collapsing.
  • Extra stiffening ribs extend the life of the product.
  • The side walls are reinforced with special 40x40mm metal angles to prevent the container from ever changing during operation.
  • The product is equipped with restrictive stops for front-loading garbage trucks.
  • Drains are made at the bottom of the tank, which increases the life of the product.
  • The presence of legs (and wheels, if ordered) at the bottom does not allow the product to deteriorate (rot) prematurely during use.
  • Coating with a special anti-corrosion solution increases the reliability and service life of the garbage can.
Metal Garbage Bin

Features of the use and selection of garbage containers according to their purpose

RELINE offers a variety of tanks of various shapes and sizes: dome or rectangular, painted or galvanized, with PVC or metal lid, fitted with wheels and more.

To find the right product, use the following tips from our experienced professionals:

  • If you need to install a garbage can near a private home, office or small entertainment center, you will need a 240, 360 or 500 liter container.
  • Containers of 500, 660 or 770 liters are ideally suited for small residential complexes, yards, restaurants or cafes.
  • If you need to place your MSW collection bins next to a large apartment building or complex, business or large-scale mall, your choice is wheelie bins and garbage cans of 1100 liters.

Contact us to buy containers and we will help you choose the right products for your needs and requests at an affordable price. Let us take care of our environment together, providing quality collection, storage and further disposal and recycling.