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Outdoor Recycling Bins

Waste sorting allows you to organize the recycling of valuable materials that can still serve people and not get them to the landfill. For example, it is easy to melt a glass bottle or an aluminum can and make other products from the material obtained. And recycling can save thousands of trees.

Separate garbage collection containers are an essential utility in residential areas, streets, recreational areas and industrial plants.

Outdoor Recycling Bin

Types of containers and their specifications

Construction. Separate garbage collection involves the use of mesh containers and special tanks of varying size and volume, with or without lids. Lid options: solid spherical, triangular and hinged – and the tanks themselves can be mesh and solid. Mesh tanks are designed to collect waste such as glass bottles and plastic packaging, as well as paper. Solid is used for organic waste.

Size. The most popular container volume is 1100l, which allows you to collect and sort trash in large areas and with a large number of people. However, there are larger tanks of 1500l. The dimensions of the products allow you to effectively use the allotted space and not spoil the appearance of the environment.

Material. The thickness of the mesh walls is not more than 3mm and the bottom – 2 mm. High quality accessories and up-to-date materials ensure the durability of using such a garbage can.

Features. The product is manufactured as standard, without additional stiffening ribs, but the construction is reinforced by angles (40x40mm with 100mm length), which increases the strength and durability. The parts are welded with a solid seam and the soil and dyeing increase the corrosion resistance. The weight of the container is 68-70 kg. This combination of weight and compact design ensures easy transportation to the place of use.

Waste sorting colors

The color of recycling containers are standardized in all countries of Europe:

  • Green indicates the tanks for collecting glassware (jars, bottles, glasses etc.)
  • Blue means that there are paper products, such as newspapers, magazines and other printed matter.
  • Yellow containers are sorted by cardboard and empty cartons.
  • Black residues are used for organic residues and food waste.
  • Brown container is for hazardous waste, such as batteries.
  • Red means that non-recyclable waste is stored here.
  • Orange bins are for plastic bottles and packaging.

Such color markings contribute to greater user understanding and facilitate the sorting of MSW.

Waste Sorting Container

Features of waste sorting

The issue of household waste management is gradually becoming one of the competitive advantages of existing and newly created residential complexes. Garbage cans can be installed both by waste management companies, local condominiums, volunteer environmental organizations, private companies and at the initiative of the residents themselves. Consideration should also be given to equipping sites to accommodate such containers and arrange for the disposal of waste.

The following requirements should be taken into account:

  • containers must be installed in a special place at least 20 meters away from living quarters;
  • the space for such tanks must be specially equipped and closed from rain or melt water;
  • easy access to garbage cans and easy removal and disposal.

The experience of leading countries such as Sweden or Finland in the implementation of large-scale debris sorting should be considered and adopted. Much depends on the proper attitude of the residents themselves to this problem.

That is why RELINE strives to do its utmost to improve the quality of its products, increase the opportunities for professional customer support and reduce the cost of production through the introduction of advanced technologies.

Mesh Container for PET Bottles

Advantages of our products

For the waste sorting we use only quality materials from known and proven partners.

Additional benefit of this are:

  • high degree of durability and ability to use for a long time;
  • excellent performance characteristics: products are not subject to corrosion and no scratches or dents on the surface during operation;
  • containers have different variants of lids, with color coding that simplifies the sorting process;
  • great design appearance and easy cleaning, care and operation features.
Waste Recycling Container

Technical and design features of the products:

  • garbage trucks limiters;
  • special legs / supports at the bottom of the product to protect containers from premature corrosion;
  • the ability to install wheels to facilitate the movement and transportation of the recycling bin;
  • hot-dip galvanizing of the metal or anticorrosive coating, followed by painting to increase service life.

The products of our company are created taking into account the peculiarities of the use of outdoor recycling containers at the fabrics and plants, near restaurants and recreation areas, residential complexes of different size and location. The focus is on design features and performance improvements.

As a client of our company, you will be able to choose and buy waste sorting containers of the right size, volume and quality.