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Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer

Recycling Solutions

The RELINE Company carries out municipal engineering development and offers complex solutions for waste management.

We have our own production facilities in Zaporizhzhya city (Ukraine) which develops waste sorting plants, wheelie bins, recycling containers for municipal solid waste segregation and storage, skip dumpsters for garbage trucks and roll off containers for vehicles equipped with a hook lift system, BDF swap bodies, PET bottle perforators, rotators, commercial composting systems and more.

The company sells all the MSW sorting and recycling equipment.

Wheelie Bins

for rubbish and solid waste, outdoor sorting bins

Roll Offs

containers for construction and demolition waste

MSW Separation

equipment for waste sorting plants

Waste Sorting Plant
Roll Off Dumpster

Wheelie Bin

WHEELIE BINS Tanks for the collection, storage and disposal of municipal solid waste are an important component of the garbage recycling chain. To manufacture goods of this category, quite serious requirements apply both to the quality of materials and the assembly of the product, and to the appearance. Following the highest standards, the RELINE Company offers its customers a wide range of products for any type of tasks: hot-dip galvanized containers for garbage collection, painted 1100 liters wheelie bins, outdoor recycling containers etc. All products comply with DIN 307xx and EN 840 standards, have the appropriate certificates and are ready to work with modern garbage trucks. Read More >>>

Skip Container

SKIPS Containers of increased sizes with a volume from 6m3 to 10m3 with or without lids are used for the waste collection, storage and removal from house territories, summer cottages, villages and small settlements. Products are designed to work with portal garbage trucks based on the chassis of different cars and meet all the necessary standards. As a skip manufacturer, we are ready to offer various product types, sizes, loading and additional options for any client’s tasks. Read More >>>

Roll Off Dumpsters

ROLL OFF DUMPSTERS Special containers for trucks equipped with a hook lift system are used for transportation of large oversized garbage from construction sites, scrap metal, bulk materials (sand, corn etc) and other tasks. We are manufacturer of roll on / roll off containers and can offer a wide range of capacity from 6m3 to 43m3, various sizes and types: dumpsters with opening rear doors, a tipper type with a hinged lid, utility hatches, side flaps, with and without lids, reinforced containers for heavy loads, lightweight platforms for vehicles transportation and oversized cargo, railway versions etc. Read more. Read More >>>

Recycling Equipment

RECYCLING EQUIPMENT Municipal waste is a valuable resource for obtaining recyclable materials. Paper, plastic and metal can be separated with waste sorting lines and reused on plants for manufacturing new products. RELINE Company produces stationary and mobile waste sorting complexes of various capacities and additional equipment for waste management: magnetic and drum separators, container rotators, conveyor systems, PET perforators, industrial composting containers for wet organic rubbish etc. Read More >>>


Custom non-standard containers were ordered. Worked with Irina, great manager! She explained everything and made a discount for the volume of the order). They did well. It is a pleasure to deal with your company. Thank you!

Yuliya - Procurement Manager

They really work with clients individually. Needed skip containers with non-standard design and RELINE complited them quickly enough. Overall, there was a positive impression of the company. Recommended.

Kamil - Entrepreneur

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