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Skip Containers

The containers with increased volume are designed for the collection and transportation of household, municipal, construction and industrial waste and materials (stone, gravel, sand, etc). They are used on construction and production sites, and their main convenience is a small area for placement and quick loading onto a bunker truck. In contrast to bulky roll-off dumpsters, portal garbage trucks are used to work with skips.

For frequent garbage removal and in order to save time, it is recommended to use skips in summer gardens, at shopping centers, in parks, and in the yards of large residential buildings.


Types of Skips and Their Technical Characteristics

Products vary in size and volume, material of manufacture, and type. The RELINE Company offers containers of 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10m3, open and enclosed, with single and double tip, FELs and RELs, crane liftable, and forklift tipping skips. They are made of solid metal sheets. The body of the product, the joints of the power elements, and the grips are fastened by arc welding with a continuous seam. The side walls are equipped with grippers for easy loading into the truck and unloading. Each container has supports for its fixing on a bunker truck during transportation.

The thickness of the metal sheets for such a product is 2mm and more for walls, 3mm and more for the bottom, which ensures its relative lightness in the unloaded state. Auxiliary elements for reinforcing the structure are metal corners and profile pipes. Such a product has a protective coating that is resistant to corrosion.

Depending on the needs of the customer, the dumpster can be equipped with a hinged or removable metal cover, which protects the contents of the garbage container from wind, rain, and snow.

Skip Dumpster with Lid

Advantages of Our Products

Regarding its technical characteristics and innovative manufacturing technologies, our products have the following advantages:

  • large capacity in combination with a convenient shape and reliable operation;
  • stable, durable design, suitable for the accumulation of bulky waste of various origins – from municipal solid waste to construction and industrial waste;
  • quick loading and unloading onto a truck platform using skip loader;
  • the possibility of placing a closed skip with lockable lid in a certain territory for a long time;
  • coating with high-quality anti-corrosion paints with preliminary cleaning and polishing of the surface that increases the service life and preserves the beautiful appearance of the container.
Skip Container

Application Features

Nowadays, construction work is carried out everywhere, so it is so important to choose a skip of the correct volume and quality. Construction waste has its own characteristics of storage, removal, and disposal. Remains of structures, metal products, boards, pipes, cables, broken bricks, and other materials mainly fall into such rubbish. That is why, when accumulating such waste, one should be as careful as possible and take additional measures so that no one is hurt during loading and unloading. For these purposes, the skips manufacturer developed containers in compliance with all modern requirements and safety standards.

Containers for collecting construction and industrial waste are pre-installed near construction sites, and when filled, they are taken out by skip lorry based on heavy road vehicles of various brands (Volvo, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Renault, Scania, Foton, etc).

For the correct selection of the required container, consult with experienced professionals. RELINE’s specialists will help you find the most optimal and effective solution.