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Composting Containers

Containers for composting are excellent complementation to the equipment for sorting and separate recycling of waste and allow solving the issue of disposal of organic and food waste. They are highly demanded and useful for placing on the territories of agricultural holdings, house and utility organizations, and apartment blocks joint owners associations. Such products make it possible to reduce the amount of waste that can’t be recycled or buried; to cut spends on waste disposition, and also to get high-quality compost for gardening of building surrounding grounds or other aims. During summers or autumns, such a container will become aidful equipment for utilization of fallen leaves or grass without environmentally-harmful incineration.

Composting Containers

The usage of the products for the agricultural sector allows processing fruit grove waste and unmarketable vegetables or their parts into high-quality manure in order to get profit and to decrease financial losses.

Technical Characteristics of Organic Waste Composting Container

Large-sized industrial containers for composting organic waste are produced from temperature-resistant and anti-corrosive materials and are equipped with a cover cap with a special membranous overcoat to prevent odors.

The RELINE Company offers commercial composter with a volume of 30 cubic meters produced from durable metal and strengthened with reinforcing plates to prevent their deformation during the exploitation. The cover cap is equipped with an opening mechanism that works for a clear opening to ensure a comfortable loading of organic waste.

The product represents a modified roll-off container that’s why it can be transported to a place of destination by any commercial vehicle with a hook lift system.

The control panel is placed on the back wall of a container and ensures remote control of the process of composting, location of sensors, the inner temperature of container, humidity, pressure, and waste filling height, current GPS location, etc. All data is registered by a device what allows analyzing the information for the necessary time period. It’s possible to get access to the data via the Wi-Fi module of a container as well as remotely via the Internet.

Commercial Composting System

Organic Waste Composting

The process of producing high-quality manure takes around 7 days from the day of loading. In order to get a proper result, it’s important to control the proportions and sequencing of the loaded material (leaves, wood chips, grass, food waste, etc). The operator regularly controls the inner temperature during composting to avoid overheating or early cooling.

Advantages of Our Products

The RELINE Company produces and surmounts containers for composting food and organic waste in terms of common standards, safety arrangements, and European standards for products of this type.

This gives our products the following advantages:

  • operability;
  • easy handling;
  • durable and safe exploitation;
  • anti-corrosive and anti-leakage protection;
  • comfortable loading and unloading.

Such a composter is necessary for many subdivisions of municipal infrastructure. It allows proceeding organic waste effectively; cutting spends on disposition and using the ready compost for local needs or for selling it to farming and agricultural organizations. This in its turn helps to get extra income for the local budget and encourages further development of community facilities.

The reliability of our products has been repeatedly proven by our consumers.

Industrial Composting Container

Peculiarities of Usage

The usage of commercial composting system has its peculiarities and technical requirements for the safety of users and the environment. It’s important to remember that a container shall be placed on an even previously prepared surface at specially equipped opened or closed areas. It’s recommended to transport containers by trucks with hook lift system.

Our experienced specialists will perform a preparatory consultation on peculiarities of surmounting and usage of industrial composter.