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Garbage Sorting Machines

Despite the newly-created projects for waste collecting and sorting in community areas and lounge areas in Ukraine, the main work of sorting useful recyclable fractions is done by municipal solid waste sorting machines, which are becoming more demanded.

Such technologies are borrowed from European countries and they require high-quality technical maintenance. A new generation of waste sorting complexes helps to reduce the loading of landfills, extract useful recyclable fractions saving time and resources, and to prepare such materials as cardboard, metal, plastic, glass for recycling and realization. In such a way not only the environment becomes cleaner but also local budgets get additional benefits.

Garbage Sorting Machines

Factories for waste sorting can be settled in separate locations in hangars on the territory of housing-and-municipal organizations as well as on the landfills.

Taking into consideration the growth of the amount of solid domestic waste and the need for environmental improvement, it should be emphasized that it’s difficult to overestimate the role of waste sorting factories in the modern housing and public utility sector.

General Problems of Waste Sorting

In contrast to European countries where around 50-60% of waste is sorted and recycled, in Ukraine this number hardly reaches 4.5%. The reason is the incompleteness of the legislation that doesn’t have proper executive support, lack of funds for purchasing containers for separate waste collecting and sorting, and environmental ignorance of the citizens. In addition, there’s no completed end-to-end cycle of sorting and recycling in Ukraine, which is caused by the lack of factories with such a function.

Nevertheless, we can witness the positive tendency in the sphere of sorting and separate recycling of waste. Thereby, mobile complexes and lines of domestic solid waste recycling are extremely demanded. They can be used at both housing and utility sector organizations and directly on landfills, which currently take more than 160 thousand hectares. This gives a new impulse for the very demanded sphere, allows creating new job opportunities, and cleaning up the environment, moreover, it supplies other industries with high-quality secondary materials.

Rotary Screening Machine

Main Types of Equipment for the Sorting Line

Waste sorting complex/plant is constructed from a line with a surmounted feeding conveyor, output conveyor, sorting booth, and certain equipment. It includes pressing machine for secondary materials, different types of separators: rotary screening machine, magnetic (iron separator), vortex, vibrating bell, – and also pressing equipment for shrinkage of waste to be disposed to a landfill. An additional waste segregation machine can be equipped with a PET-bottle perforating machine, plastic shredder machine, hydraulic wheelie bin tipper, etc.

The process of household waste sorting includes transporting to a conveyor, further sorting in a cabin (a line operator collects the required fractions from a solid waste stream that goes via conveyor and puts them to a special bin). After that those waste materials that are not suitable for sorting are transported to a pressing machine by a reversal conveyor to be pressed and disposed to a landfill.

Useful fractions that are collected in bins under the sorting platform are pressed and sent to storage for storing and further transporting to processing companies.

Such a waste sorting complex provides comfortable working conditions for workers, as a sorting boost is designed to be covered, equipped with ventilation, ozonization, and air heating systems.

The productive capacity of our waste segregation machine is from 20 000 tons to 300 000 tons yearly. The capacity depends on the size of conveyors, amount of stationary workplaces, and surmounted equipment. Currently, the RELINE Company can support with manufacturing, delivery, and mounting of plants and mobile sorting complexes of different capacities as well as all types of needed additional equipment.

Hydraulic Wheelie Bin Tipper

Advantages of Our Products

The aim of the RELINE Company is designing effective waste separation machines and equipment for a precision selection of fractions for secondary materials from solid waste and their further recycling and usage.

Our waste sorting lines, mobile complexes, and plants have the following quality characteristics and advantages:

  • durability;
  • structural reliability;
  • high productivity of sorting;
  • simple settings and launch;
  • comfortable operating;
  • low price in comparison with competitors.

The equipment was field-proven successfully and is well-regarded among consumers.

Magnetic Separator Conveyor

Peculiarities of Usage and Work of the Lines

In order to understand which equipment is necessary for effective waste recycling, it’s important to know how the waste separation machine is working and which details to pay attention to on first-priority basis for achieving high efficiency.

The first thing to understand is that the most important stage in the process of waste sorting is the primary conversion – the selection of organic parts from solid domestic waste to be later used as materials for composting containers. This stage is very important as the quality of its process influences the amount of secondary material to be selected and sent for recycling. In it’s turn the quality depends on the correct choice, configuration, and surmounting of waste sorting complexes.

Using highly-effective equipment, it’s possible to sort out and to prepare for recycling up to 50% of the general mass of the waste.

The RELINE Company offers waste management equipment that is produced from high-grade steel in terms of European standards as well as services and professional consultations on the proper mounting, maintenance, and usage.