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Roll Off Containers

Roll-off dumpsters are designed to collect and remove large amounts of solid municipal and industrial waste, construction debris, or scrap metal at industrial, leisure, or large residential areas.

Due to the large capacity of such containers (from 6 to 43 cubic meters), these products are particularly popular because they make it possible to install a container in any area (within the city or on large production sites, in the field or even in the forest) for gradual or immediate filling of the garbage with subsequent safe and economical transportation to the place of storage.

Roll Off Container

There are various container modifications for use by public utilities, moving construction materials, composting organic waste, and vehicle transportation (platforms).

Features of Use

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • With the help of special hook-lift equipment installed on the truck (DAF, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, etc), the containers are transported to the place of loading and lowered to the ground (preferably, prepared concrete or asphalt coating).
  • After filling the container, the same platform loads it on itself and transports it to the place of unloading.
  • The garbage can be discharged according to the principle of the dump truck or the filled container is removed to the ground by a hook attachment.
Construction Roll Off Dumpster

Types of Containers and Their Specifications

The hook-lift system has a loading and unloading mechanism with a hydraulic drive. Roll-off containers for this system come in different, mostly large capacities: 6, 10, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 35, 38, 40, 43 cubic meters. This dumpster provides the collection and removal of oversized garbage and solid waste on the principle of temporary placement with subsequent loading thanks to the hook-lift.

For their intended purposes roll-offs are divided into:

  • high-tonnage for large waste;
  • containers for construction waste of different volumes;
  • large-scale organic waste composting systems;
  • hook-lift containers for smaller urban areas;
  • equipped with roof and doors;
  • containers for cranes with manipulator;
  • open systems and containers with hinged panel lids;
  • reinforced containers for the removal and storage of scrap metal.
Roll Off Waste Container

Features of Production of Roll-Off Containers

The following steel materials are used during production:

  • metal sheets 3-5mm thick;
  • channels 8, 10 and 16mm;
  • profile pipes with wall thickness of 2-3mm;
  • rollers and wheels with a diameter of 150mm.

The products are manufactured in standard or reinforced versions, and the structural parts are welded with a solid seam, which increases their durability. After that, a layer of soil, two layers of paint in the customer’s color and inscriptions are applied to protect the metal.

Roll Off Container with Lid

Advantages of Our Products

Partners and clients of the RELINE Company note the following product advantages:

  • high quality and reliability of platforms and mechanisms;
  • ideal compliance of containers with all requirements for the disposal of garbage and industrial waste;
  • a wide range of modifications that are guaranteed to meet demand;
  • reasonable pricing policy, the use of effective modern materials and technologies to reduce cost;
  • real terms of container production and delivery;
  • excellent service and individual approach to the needs of each customer.

By deciding to buy a roll-off dumpster, platform or elevator made by RELINE, you can be sure of a decent price, ergonomics, efficiency, high quality, and reliable operation products for a long time.